Global Hotel Chain Leverages Search Intent to Increase Website Traffic and Bookings

In this case study, you'll learn how The MediaGrid team solved a global hotel chain's digital diversification dilemma using a combination of our powerful Search Intent and Curated Deals tools.

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The problem

How do you entice consumers to spend money on something that exists merely as an experience? This question represents the core challenge a global hotel chain was facing. The brand was looking to diversify its digital advertising efforts and drive awareness to extend its reach across multiple markets by achieving high video completion rates while maintaining a low cost per completed view (CPCV). 

The global hotel chain looked to drive awareness with video and audio ads to engage travelers seeking hotel reservations and increase landing page visits to their site. 

The solution

Using The MediaGrid’s Search Intent audience targeting, the hotel chain was able to find in-market travelers researching hotels for an upcoming trip using hotel provider and related keywords. Packaged as private marketplace deals, Search Intent allows the advertisers to target an in-market audience for travel with premium, relevant inventory at scale across the open web.

Curated Deals and Search Intent targeting effectively found consumers at the optimal point during their travel buying journey to drive site visits. The overall campaign reached a cost per completed view (CPCV) of $0.03 and achieved a 64% completion rate, which was 5% higher than their target goal. The hotel brand was able to drive awareness by using competing hotel brand search terms, which outperformed generic/non-brand terms.

As a result, they achieved a $1.51 Cost per Lead (CPL), which was the most efficient CPL result across all campaign strategies. 


  • $1.51 Cost per Lead (CPL) achieved

  • $0.03 cost per completed view (CPCV) 

  • 64% video completion rate (VCR)

Download Search Intent Case Study


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