How Curated Demand Drove a 57% Lift in Revenue for CafeMedia Publishers

As the world’s largest ad management service, CafeMedia is always looking for additional ways to help its more than 3,000 independent publishers and content creator partners grow their businesses and maximize success with onsite ads monetization. 

For more than two years, CafeMedia has leveraged The MediaGrid as one of its SSP partners for sourcing open exchange demand from more than 20 top DSPs. 

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More recently, CafeMedia leveraged Curated Demand within The MediaGrid as a new source of advertising spend that could be funneled to its publisher partners. 

What is Curation?

Curation is a new source of programmatic demand, exclusive to The MediaGrid, where Curator partners are able to package and enrich supply with their own first-party data, intelligence, performance goals, proprietary buying criteria, or value-generating assets into deals that can be executed by buyers in any DSP. 

Curators come in many shapes, including data-rich companies, identity solution providers, agency holding companies, AI and custom algorithm specialists, and publishers, just to name a few. 

Despite their differences, these Curators share one goal: to get closer to supply and to make that inventory even more valuable to buy-side partners through enrichment and/or packaging that only they can unlock. 

What that means for CafeMedia publishers: more bid activity, more revenue, and higher CPMs coming from demand sitting behind The MediaGrid. 

  • 57% lift in ad spend coming from The MediaGrid, with Curated Demand turned on
  • 36% of The MediaGrid total ad spend coming from Curated Demand
  • 55% higher eCPM for Curated Demand vs Open Exchange demand from The MediaGrid
  • 4.7x higher bid rate for Curated Demand vs Open Exchange demand from The MediaGrid

Source: Proprietary trading data comparing curated vs Open Exchange demand, Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

“Expanding into unique demand sources such as the ones that The MediaGrid offers is a valuable and necessary measure to differentiate offerings in the programmatic ecosystem, allowing for a more direct connection to our quality publisher suite and increased revenue to the advertising stack.” 

Shobha Doshi - SVP, Programmatic Strategy & Operations - CafeMedia

To learn how you can take advantage of Curated Demand from The MediaGrid, please contact us at

Download the CafeMedia Case Study


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