WEBINAR: How Publishers Can Boost Demand with ads.txt

In this edition of the Grid Guide webinar series, we will dig into how ads.txt implementation can boost monetization. 

While familiarity with ads.txt or app.ads.txt is high, publishers can ensure proper implementation and stay ontop of ongoing maintenance as a way to maximize yield. 

As part of our Grid Guide webinar series, The MediaGrid’s Yield Analyst Jane Gleizer will detail how correct ads.txt implementation can boost monetization and provide some critical best practices for ongoing maintenance.

Below you can watch our recorded webinar, originally streamed on January 31, 2023, in which our team details the background of ads.txt, the structure of ads.txt files, and use cases on how to maintain ads.txt files. 

To watch the recorded webinar now, just click the 'play' button below.

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