Leading Insurer Uses Curation with Search Intent to Lower CPA by 34%

Download this case study to discover how a leading insurance company combined curated deals with our unique Search Intent audiences to realize a 34% lower CPA than the campaign average.

The problem

To stay ahead of their competition, home and automotive insurance providers must continually evolve their advertising strategies to find, engage, and convert target buyers.

A leading insurance company came to The MediaGrid to help tackle this challenge head-on with a digital advertising strategy which leveraged curated deals layered with Search Intent audience targeting to drive brand awareness while maintaining strict cost-efficiencies. 

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The solution

Partnering with The MediaGrid, the insurance company used Search Intent targeting to find consumers searching specific insurance-related keyword phrases and providers at scale across the open web. By augmenting their existing paid search strategy with programmatic, they could stay competitive throughout the entire buying process. 

More importantly, through curated deals with The MediaGrid, the media buying team was able to maximize their investment by having complete control over supply decisions and eliminating non-essential costs in the supply chain. The reduction of non-essential expenses drives more ad budget to working media.

As a result, curated deals with Search Intent audience targeting effectively found consumers during the optimal point-of-intent to drive highly efficient signups. Throughout the campaign, they further optimized their performance to a $5 average CPA, which was 34% lower than other targeting strategies. 

The results

  • $5 average CPA achieved

  • 34% lower CPA than the campaign average

  • 2x improvement of non-brand-specific search terms over brand terms

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