Major Cruise Line Leverages Search Intent Data to Drive Bookings Efficiencies

In this MediaGrid case study, you'll learn how a major cruise line leveraged our Search Intent feature to drive a 70% improvement in brand-specific search terms compared to non-brand terms.

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The problem

Top travel brands sought to create a holistic, streamlined customer journey while consumers were navigating their travel decisions across multiple channels and formats. A major cruise line looked to inspire new and brand-loyal in-market travelers dreaming of a vacation to plan ahead for a cruise. 

With increased competition for consumers’ attention and fragmented experiences, travel brands are faced with inefficiencies in their strategies and budgets. Low-funnel but high-intent strategies like paid search have become difficult to scale while also removed from the greater strategy. 

The solution

Leveraging The MediaGrid’s curation features they were able to layer data with supply to stay top-of-mind for newly returning travelers. Packaging inventory into private marketplace deal IDs with search intent targeting allowed them to find consumers recently searching relevant cruise terms, including brand and competitive keywords, in real-time. Curated Demand with Seach Intent targeting provided a means of finding the low funnel and high-intent audiences, similar to that of paid search, but with limitless scale. 

Curation and advanced media packaging with The MediaGrid allowed the brand to maximize campaign efficiency, performance, relevancy, and scale. As a result, their efforts helped increase awareness and aid in an additional touchpoint to work in tandem with social media and search campaigns. Curation with The MediaGrid allowed for the cruise brand to create a holistic customer journey that incorporated a uniform messaging and targeting strategy across display, video, and connected TV. 

The MediaGrid curation with search intent targeting was successful at driving cruise bookings during the pandemic when overall travel was down. 

The results

  • $70 average CPA achieved

  • 60% lower CPA than campaign average

  • 70% improvement of brand-specific search terms compared to non-brand terms

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