NYIAX and IPONWEB Bring Upfront Trading to Display Advertising in New Partnership

Duo wants to help streamline media buys in one platform

NYIAX and Iponweb are teaming up to help advertisers and publishers with trading on an upfront basis using programmatic ad delivery, a development the ad-tech companies claim will upend media trading.

The duo is promising “upfronts everyday” through the partnership, which will use NYIAX’s marketplace to facilitate buying agreements between advertisers and publishers, then use Iponweb’s MediaGrid Technology to provide programmatic delivery against those guarantees.

Both companies claim the rollout will contain features that will amount to a more streamlined supply path and will lead to both increased purchase controls for buyers as well as help maintain higher CPMs for media owners.

This includes a feature that will let advertisers use Deal ID to identify appropriate inventory, better frequency cap, plus utilize their existing demand-side platform and prebid.js to trade directly through Iponweb’s MediaGrid.

In addition, it will also offer the capability to associate programmatic spend against preferred pricing contracts without affecting their auction as well as whitelist and blacklist controls.

Carolina Abenante, CSO and co-founder of NYIAX, said in a statement that her outfit’s offering of upfront pricing control, price discovery and contract management tools was something the industry “has been waiting two decades to realize.”

Meanwhile, Joe Meehan, general manager, Iponweb, North America, said the agreement added a new “direct-to-publisher model” for programmatic trading, adding the way ad tech has fractured has enabled intermediaries into the transaction. “And it’s really hard for a holding company to understand where they’re spending and why they’re spending there,” he told Adweek.

Buyers can now streamline, simplify and conduct their media buys all in one platform, thus unifying the ad-buying process and enabling transparency in a broken marketplace, according to Meehan. “The MediaGrid is designed to be a thin layer across all their buying activity that can help them understand more holistically where their budgets are going,” he added.

Currently, the offering is in beta with a number of scaled media agencies and national publishers with a more comprehensive rollout expected by the close of the year.

Ben Feldman, svp of strategy at NYIAX and Adweek contributor, said, “NYIAX has always been about linking the primaries of the industry together from a contracts standpoint as cleanly as possible … in the way direct-buying has been done in a clean and standardized model.”

He added, “This helps standardize the RFP process and means you end up with a much more cohesive contract model that can be replicated over and over again, even though you’ve got much different types of inventory types of campaign goals.”

Ronan Shields, Adweek

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