On The Grid: Freestar

In our ‘On The Grid’ series, we spend time with one of our connected partners to discover exactly how working with The MediaGrid has benefited their business. In this edition, we’re sitting down with Freestar.

Perhaps the best way to describe Freestar is by way of its tagline: “Publisher First”.

At The MediaGrid, that’s an ethos we share in everything we do, so we were keen to ask Freestar about the value their services bring to publishers and the ways in which The MediaGrid has made that easier and more efficient.

Let’s begin with a quick introduction to Freestar. Do you have any key stats to share about your company?

Freestar was created in response to publishers’ need to simplify the challenges of monetizing websites.

By leveraging the ideal mix of server-side and client-side programmatic header bidding, private marketplace deals as well as proprietary auction and analytics technology, Freestar works with digital media publishers, e-commerce sites and app developers to unleash their true revenue potential.

In 2019, the company was recognized as the most implemented header bidding wrapper among the top 1,000 ad supported websites and named the #1 fastest- growing private company in the United States by Inc. Magazine as part of the annual “Inc. 5000/500” list. It was also named #36 on the 2020 list, #807 in 2021, and #31 on the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

Programmatic enables advertisers to buy from many individual publishers seamlessly. How does Freestar add value by joining such diverse publishers together?

Freestar optimizes supply accessibility based on many factors such as industry vertical, viewability, geo, integration type and more. We’re constantly optimizing these factors to ensure the right mix of KPIs can be achieved by premium advertisers.

With the recent acquisition of Sortable increasing your scale to over 70% of all US internet users every month, how do you organise all your properties to make them easily accessible to buyers?

Leveraging our class-leading technology and unparalleled yield expertise, we tailor the Ideal Ad Stack for each of our partners to maximize revenue on every device. Our custom approach integrates the perfect mix of client-side and server-side demand partners, ensuring your site’s monetization is optimized without unnecessary latency.

Would you like to share a quote of any positive performance or services that The MediaGrid has helped your company with?

MediaGrid has become a top-15 demand partner since launching over a year ago. They’ve dedicated significant resources towards developing a publisher-facing UI that meets Freestar’s intensive needs surrounding ad quality, ID mapping, and domain approvals for 500+ unique publisher entities.

Want to join Freestar and start enjoying a publisher-first platform which makes website monetization simple? Just get in touch today.

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