WEBINAR: Optimization for a Shifting Programmatic Landscape

In this edition of the Grid Guide webinar series, you'll hear from experts on The MediaGrid team reviewing optimizations you can make in preparation for several major trends that are impacting our industry - and likely your business - in 2023.

Overwhelmed by trying to optimize in a market that's constantly shifting?

As part of our Grid Guide webinar series, we discuss optimizations to consider today which ensure that your business is set up for success tomorrow and beyond. The optimizations we’re discussing include simple tweaks like adjusting timeout rates to more advanced strategic shifts, such as changing your on-site experience to capture more first-party data.

Below you can watch our recorded webinar, originally streamed on January 17, 2023, in which our team details the major areas of movement in the programmatic space, the different triggers publishers can watch for, and provides optimization tactics to help publishers maximize the moment.

To watch the recorded webinar now, just click the 'play' button below.

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