Top Pharmaceutical Brand Leverages Curation to Maximize Viewability

Download this MediaGrid case study to learn how a top pharmaceutical brand leveraged our platform's unique curation tools to realize a 10x increase in viewable video impressions.

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The problem

Increased competition for video supply doesn’t always equate to high viewability and efficient CPMs. Increasing viewability – the measure of whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen – can ensure brands are fully taking advantage of video as one of the most engaging and effective advertising formats. 

A top pharmaceutical brand wanted to spend more of its budget on highly viewable media while maintaining favorable CPMs. Using Curated Deals with The MediaGrid, the pharmaceutical brand was able to package specific inventory across multiple publishers and media owners with defined viewability targets. 

The solution

Packaging viewability targets with supply in Curated Deals allowed them to have greater control over the performance of their campaigns across all demand-side platforms. 

As a result, the brand was able to scale its campaign strategy significantly over demand-side targeting methods while also improving viewability and cost. They scaled their video campaign by 10X using Curated Deals over demand-side targeting methods. More importantly, the advertiser exceeded its vCPM goal by 20% and maintained exceptionally high viewability rates of 95% throughout the duration of the campaign. 


  • 10x increase in viewable video impressions 

  • 20% improvement in vCPM

  • 95% average viewability target met throughout the campaign

Download Search Intent Case Study


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