WEBINAR: Could Seller Defined Audiences Be An Answer?

Released in early 2022 by the IAB Tech Lab, Seller Defined Audiences, or SDAs, are a new addressability specification which empower publishers to leverage their first-party data to define cohorts, then make them available to buyers for targeting in the bidstream.

SDA enables publishers to define these segments, then pass IDs for these cohorts in an OpenRTB bid request to DSPs for decisioning.  SDA reduces the reliance on third-party data identifiers or broad-brush contextual solutions, while greatly expanding current IAB category targeting capabilities.

If you'd like to tap into the power of SDAs, watch our live recorded webinar for a deep-dive into Seller Defined Audiences (SDA), detailing why SDA is a key topic for publishers eager to attract demand, and where the ecosystem is in terms of adopting SDA. 

Just click the video below to get started. 

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