WEBINAR: The publisher’s guide to securely monetizing first-party data

In this installment of our Grid Guide webinar series, you'll discover why buyers are so willing to pay top-dollar for the opportunity to tap into media owners' first-party data—and how you can start securely monetizing your own. 

Join our team of programmatic experts in this recorded webinar focused on how media owners can unlock the true value of their first-party data using supply-side data packaging. 

Tune in now to learn:

  • The basics of supply-side data packaging and how publishers can create packages with their own data, or use their data for audience extension.

  • The benefits of leveraging deals to monetize first-party data, including data security.

  • How Commerce Grid makes first-party data onboarding and packaging easy for publishers. 

  • Details on what buyers are looking for when it comes to first-party data to inform your packaging strategies

Below you can watch our recorded webinar, originally streamed on May 12, 2023. Just click the 'play' button to get started.

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