WEBINAR: The Publisher's Guide to App.ads.txt

In the second part of our ads.txt Grid Guide webinar series, our team shares critical tips and insights for implementing app.ads.txt.

Mobile app, CTV and OTT environments are complex and rife with fraud.

For publishers looking to monetize inventory in these increasingly important environments, proper app.ads.txt implementation and maintenance is non-negotiable.

In part two of our ads.txt implementation series, The MediaGrid’s Yield Analyst Jane Gleizer will share insights on:

  • The history and value of app.ads.txt
  • Unique challenges related to app.ads.txt
  • Technical implementation tips to help maximize yield and minimize fraud on mobile, CTV and OTT inventory

Below you can watch our recorded webinar, originally streamed on February 21, 2023. To watch, just click the 'play' button below.


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